UK Advances Fight Against Parkinson’s

A clinical trial being conducted at the University of Kentucky is investigating a new treatment strategy for Parkinson’s disease that, if successful, could drastically change future treatment of the disease and possibly halt or reverse brain degeneration. UK is the first in the U.S. to conduct the clinical trial.

There is more information about this in an article published in these two news organizations:

University of Kentucky News: “UK is First in U.S. to Conduct Trial of Promising New Treatment Strategy for Parkinson’s Disease“.  

The Voice-Tribune: “UK Leading Fight Against Parkinson’s“.

The trial is ongoing, but preliminary data indicates no increased risk to the patients, all of whom have shown consistent improvement in symptoms. If successful, this procedure could significantly change the treatment of Parkinson’s disease and could have an impact on other neuro-degenerative disorders as well.

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