Shaking Up Awareness – Essential Tremors

My head started shaking at 11. I was diagnosed with Essential Tremors (ET) at 13; I am now 25. Growing up with ET has not been the easiest journey to say the least. Simple activities like eating, studying, dressing and watching TV have become strenuous and painful. My tremors, which started at my head, have spread into my vocal chords, down to my shoulders, hands, and legs.

I receive regular Botox injections in my vocal chords, neck and back to help relieve the pain and reduce my tremor. However, I have personally seen the most benefits, and relief, from staying physically and mentally active and quite simply, eating healthy.

Raising awareness about Essential Tremors and movement disorders has been a passion of mine since I was very young. I began a support group at the age of 18, meeting every other month. I recently began a blog entitled Tremor Talk. I created a local nonprofit called Shaking Up Awareness Inc. in 2017.

I recently began working with the Parkinson Support Center and joined the Board of Directors as of late April. My goal is to keep shaking up awareness and reaching out to as many people as I can. The goal is to reach as many as I can about all movement disorders including Essential Tremors.

Erika Ganong

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