About Us

We are dedicated to supporting those with Parkinson’s disease, their family and community.  We want to help  improve lives and forge connections.

About Us

The Parkinson Support Center was founded in 1999 with the vision of helping people with Parkinson’s and their care partners and families to embrace the future with hope.

Over 12,000 people in Kentucky have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. The Parkinson Support Center of Kentuckiana connects them to resources, education, and research.

Our goal is to help individuals with Parkinson’s maintain their independence and stay active in their communities so that they may enjoy the highest possible quality of life.

The Parkinson Support Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing access to care, education, and social assistance to patients and families affected by Parkinson’s Disease in Kentucky and Indiana.

Our mission is to promote a healthier and improved quality of life for those living with Parkinson’s disease in our communities. We have two main areas of focus:

  1. Programs and services for people with Parkinson’s disease; and
  2. Public education and awareness.

We are not affiliated with any national organization. We do, however, collaborate with all organizations—both local and national—that seek to serve people who are living with this disease.

Since 1999, the Parkinson Support Center of Kentuckiana has raised over three million dollars to help educate the community, raise awareness about Parkinson’s disease, provide direct support services to people with Parkinson’s and their loved ones, and fund national and local research initiatives.

No one has to face Parkinson’s disease alone. We’re here for you!

To get involved, please contact us!

Our office

Our office at 315 Townepark Circle in Middletown, KY

Our office is located at 315 Townepark Circle, Suite 100, Louisville, KY 40243. We are off of Shelbyville Road and Town Creek Road in Middletown, Kentucky. [ More info & Google map ]

Visitors are welcome any time. However, given the small size of our staff and the many programs and services we offer to the community, it is best to contact us ahead of time for an appointment.

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