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The Parkinson Support Center offers two regular publications to help you stay up-to-date on the latest about Parkinson’s disease and our work in the Staying connected and informedcommunity.  Subscriptions are absolutely free, through the generosity of our supporters.

Monthly E-News
Our monthly e-newsletter is full of tips, event notifications and news items, designed to benefit people living with Parkinson’s and the folks who love them.

To subscribe, click on “Subscribe to our e-Newsletter” here or in the sidebar at the right, and fill in your information.  Or just contact us.

Monthly Newsletter
This general interest Newsletter keeps the broader community, including our supporters, informed about how the Parkinson Support Center is living into our mission to serve those with Parkinson’s. We also include a healthy mix of articles of interest to people living with Parkinson’s. This newsletter is distributed through our exercise and educational programs.

See some of our past monthly Newsletters:


We make every attempt to keep our mailing list up-to-date. Please help us by letting us know when you move, change e-mail addresses or phone numbers. That will help us stay in touch with you! If there’s an error in our records–such as a mistake in the spelling of your name or address–we’d also appreciate your letting us know. Thank you for helping us serve you better!

Our Videos!


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See our featured videos below.
 The Face of Parkinson’s
Click here for a large screen version of the video below.


An interview with Dr. John T. Slevin, MD and Janet Greene.
The interview with Dr. John Slevin also discusses Janet Greene’s experience with Parkinson’s.

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